Want a Simple Way to Become A Respected Authority and Multiply Your Best Clients?
Plus, get consistent leads and sales, without being on social media all day or using any pushy sales tactics.
If you are a coach that wants to reach more of your perfect client on line to inspire and impact more people, build a large audience and grow your coaching business, keep reading...
Then you want to be able to pay close attention over the next few minutes on this page here’s why you’re about to discover a simple way to become a highly respected authority to your perfect clients.

This is a simple way to get consistent leads and sales without being on social media all day or using any sort of pushy sales tactics.

My name is Jeremy Jones and I am an information product course creator and online business coach, just like you.

I’ve always known that social Media and posting content online was an important part of growing my online business but I was always kind overwhelmed of the process by posting selfies all day, or posting content about my life and family, which I’d rather keep private.
I’ve tried all kinds of stuff online like posting inside of social media groups and engaging with people because that’s what the experts say that you do to get new customers.

 I’ve tried posting live videos every day only to have a few viewers and I really felt dumb and that people didn’t value my content and when I felt like people didn’t value my content then I felt like my coaching wasn’t valuable and that wasn’t true at all.

I also tried posting all the motivational quotes and things like that and sometimes being consistent everyday on social media only to burn out and find out that it wasn’t getting me any results.

Then I tried running paid media with Facebook ads only to spend a bunch of money. Sure it got some leads and email subscribers, but NONE of them were my ideal client. 

Then I hired a paid media coach, and all he had me doing was paying for ads to build up likes and followers on my page, and that did nothing.

All I had left, was a bunch of wasted time and a bunch of leads on my list that were completely the wrong person. It was really disappointing and left me wondering where are all my perfect clients at online?
One of the methods that was keeping my business afloat was getting more referrals and business from word of mouth. 

Then suddenly in a freak accident in 2019 I broke my ankle which required major surgery, and found myself on bed rest, in crutches, and debilitated. And I couldn’t attend any other local events mixers trade shows or business networking events that I normally attended to build a warm audience.

I knew I had to make this work I was no longer able to go out to events and all of my online efforts weren’t getting any results all the posting on social media was not creating clients. 

All of the time I wasted in Facebook groups were not creating any clients and I had to make this work
After looking at all of the things that I was doing online 95% of the things were not producing any clients at all whatsoever but 5% of what I was doing was creating information products and helpful valuable information that would identify my perfect client and help them in some way. 

I discovered is that using an information product to build authority online helps to identify your perfect client online so that you can engage and communicate with them.

The second thing I identified with all of the marketing I was doing online is that I was posting lead magnets and resources online and only getting freebie Seekers no one wanted to become a customer no one wanted to attend a workshop no one wanted to buy anything and this was incredibly frustrating. 

So I looked at the best sources of getting new clients here and quickly discovered that my best clients came from my paid online virtual workshops and also from book buyers of my new book. I started focusing on getting low cost customers or people who attended my online virtual mini workshops to sift and sort people who are more of my ideal client online.
After a while of using these methods myself and getting great results I had a predictable mechanism to take steps and take action and then get a predictable set of steps to find and enroll my ideal client was, and these were completely different people than the freebie-seekers.

Then several of my existing clients were asking me about what I was doing to grow my business, without being on social media all day. I started to help some of my clients with the process of writing and publishing a short ebook to generate leads online.

Then build a process to use simple information products, and online virtual workshops to attract more of their ideal client online. That’s how the Authority Coach Blueprint was created.

And if you’d like me to guide you the exact steps of how you can do this, I’d be happy to. I’ve created a special free case study training called, Your Book Blueprint, and I think you’ll love it.

Here are just a few of the insights that you’ll learn in this case study:
 One thing that is crushing your credibility with new clients, and what to do instead to build iron-clad trust and respect with your info products
 Remember, you don’t need a complicated or long book written for this to work. I helped a client recently to ghost write his entire book in about 3-hours of his personal time, if you hate writing…you’ll love this process.
 How to avoid having your paperback published book looking self-published, and the one thing you can do to gain maximum authority with your ebook and paperback book for marketing and promotion.
 The reason why your best prospects tell you they need to think about it, and how to avoid it from coming up
 Easy ways to get the same brand authority and credibility as industry icons with this one simple idea.
 This one thing can be applied to every area of your business, and can help set you apart from everyone else in your industry when you follow this advice for maximum ebook profits.
 A simple promotion strategy that helped one speaker client sell over 50,000 ebooks in less than one year that anyone can do starting without an audience.
 How to ensure premium quality in your ebook and paperback so your mini ebook builds your authority and credibility, rather than hurting it.
 The ebook secret to using powerful stories and your experience in helping clients, without making your book all about you. This cures imposter syndrome you may be feeling by applying this one idea.
 The biggest roadblock that stops first-time authors from completing their first book draft...plus how to avoid overwhelm with this new perspective.


Here’s how it works. In this short case study, I’ve outlined the three simple parts to creating a high-quality information product or workshop that attracts your perfect clients, to consistently get leads and coaching or service clients.

At the end of the case study, there’s nothing to buy and nothing to order. You’ll learn the blueprint and so you can start to imagine how this process can work when installed into your online course or coaching business. 

If you have any specific questions around book topics, or information product topics, I’m glad to help fill in the gaps for you.
Similar custom book publishing and PR programs usually cost $15,000 to $25,000 or more, but I’m showing you a blueprint that many world-class authors and worldwide coaching company brands use information products to scale their business, like a peek behind the scenes.

The Authority Coach Blueprint is a unique business coaching and book publishing program that is a fraction of the cost, and helps you build a custom client acquisition machine for your business, that won’t require you to be in the spotlight posting selfies or being on social media all day. 

The 3-phase process you’ll see in the case study is the process I take all my 200+ authors through.

In phase one of the blueprint, we build out the foundation of your business and information product suite blueprint. We identify who your perfect client is, then use a short book and mini virtual workshops to attract them. 

Then we provide a staff of fully trained content writers and copy editors, to write or edit a high-quality book, to make you look good and attract your perfect client.

In phase two, we offer a complete done-for-you service where we have a professional book designer create a powerful and impactful book cover, paperback layout, and Amazon Kindle ebook formatting. 

Then I have a partnership with a local printing and distribution facility here locally in Scottsdale, Arizona where we can print high-quality books on demand, so books can be printed after you collect payment, and you’ll never have to order a large inventory of books, everything is fully automated.

In the final phase three of the process, we get our authors featured on a media interview, and build in an information marketing and client acquisition process through teaching and coaching, instead of selfies and self-aggrandizing self-promotion that makes us all cringe. No part of the process is pushy or aggressive sales, so it works well for many of our clients who would rather be serving and helping clients, instead of on pushy sales calls.

All three phases happen in over the course of about 90-days. This will help you build a process to build a warm engaged audience of customers, rather than feeling like you are out promoting yourself, which isn’t comfortable for us.

You’ll learn this exact process in the Authority Coach Blueprint program.


And, it gets better. Because I know that not every business is ready to create an information product suite into their business, because sometimes you still don’t know who your perfect client is because you have a new business, or you just aren’t clear on it yet.

If that is the case, I’m giving you the opportunity to know for sure if this is right for your business or not by offering a complimentary Book Blueprint Strategy Session after you watch the case study video. 

Many times you watch a case study or training video, and you have a specific question about how something will apply to your business. 40% of the people that apply to work with my team and the Authority Coach Blueprint get declined or turned away.

So as a test, we are giving away this free case study with our never-revealed 3-step model in full detail, so you can determine for yourself if this can help you scale up your business, in exchange for scheduling a Book Blueprint Strategy Session.

On the Book Blueprint Strategy Session, you’ll get a custom blueprint and plan how to install this in your business, plus any personal questions that come up after watching the case study video.

If after watching the case study, you discover this is not a perfect solution to get out of the social media grind, and struggling to grow…simply just cancel the strategy session within 24-hours of your scheduled call.

This is not a sneaky sales pitch call in disguise, we are actually going to work together to build a custom blueprint and you can let us know if you want our help, or not. Either way is all good.


I will also send you a free copy of my new book Mini Ebook Secrets for scheduling a Book Blueprint Strategy Session. 

If you are intimidated by writing a full book, I’ll show you how you can build a profit generation machine with a small ebook, and short workshops and information products. 

This one bonus can help you get total clarity of how to breakthrough the financial ceilings of your business growth, if you decide to get my help or not.


However, I can’t guarantee availability of the complimentary Book Blueprint Strategy Sessions to build you a custom plan forever, so when all the spots on my calendar are filled.

That’s it we are closing down this page and no longer giving away the secret case study or bonuses. If you wait, you could miss out. Get booked on the calendar now, to reserve your spot.
Click the button below to be taken to check availability to schedule your Book Blueprint Strategy Session.

After you complete the short form and schedule the call, you’ll be immediately taken to the secret Book Blueprint case study page, the video is less than 15-minutes.

If at any time after watching the case study from start to finish you are certain that this is not for you, simply cancel the calendar invite for your custom Book Blueprint Strategy Session call time. All I ask is that you give me at least 24-hours notice, so I can adjust my schedule.

I’m looking forward to helping you build a custom Book Blueprint, go ahead, and schedule your Book Blueprint Strategy Session below now.
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I look forward to hearing about your book idea.

Your Book Coach,
Jeremy C. Jones
P.S. Here is a quick summary:

So if you want to reach more of your perfect client on line to inspire and impact more people build a large audience and grow your coaching business using a predictable client-getting machine, you’ll absolutely love the Book Blueprint case study and custom strategy we build together.
Here is exactly what you get:
 A Book Strategy case study to learn how to build a profitable information product and book strategy when you schedule a (no cost) Book Strategy Session
 Get a free copy of my new ebook "Mini Ebook Secrets" as a special gift. 
 Watch the short 15-min case study and review the ebook, then we'll answer any specific questions you have and build a custom Book Strategy together on your complimentary Strategy Session.
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